Welcome to our restaurant!

We invite all lovers of good rest in a cozy restaurant c Odessa atmosphere - "Beerloga". A bright sign can be seen, and makes a romantic look at the corner of Odessa, which is an ancient Dyukovsky street.

The restaurant is dominated by two kitchens - a European to Russian. Refined and carefully selected recipes give rise to a deep knowledge of the history of traditional Slavic cuisine. We present 6 varieties of beer on tap, including live ODESSA beer.

Halls of the restaurant "Beerloga" create the warmth and comfort of any celebration. Allows for an instant plunge into a time where they lived the immortal heroes of the Odessa folklore, sometimes it seems that now appears very Mishka Jap arm of Sonka the Golden Pen. The interior in the spirit of the beloved old Odessa and unmatched cuisine will help you to spend unforgettable time with us ...

Проведение Ваших праздников без лимитов и минимальных заказов
2 зала вместимостью по 25-30 персон
4 плазмы, просмотр фильмов со звуком dolby surround
Современное музыкальное оформление
Организация тематических, музыкальных и спортивных вечеров

65029, Odessa,
st. Dyukovsky 8 (build 6-H)
Phone / Fax: +380482326442
Email: [email protected]